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September 17th
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September 15th
3:23 PM

really weird that since i’ve been in college i haven’t been near the ocean so i don’t have any really good ocean pics but that’s all i ever used to take pics of……………hmmmmmm

3:35 AM

One of the best things I’ve heard was from one of my fwt supervisors and it’s that people will hire you more-so for your ideas than your skills and that really keeps me goin’

September 14th
3:27 AM

I’ve got a REAL QUESTION for you, Bennington

WHY can’t we have paper cups BUT people are allowed to print out 100 page pdf’s


September 10th
2:32 PM

For my art history performance art class I read a damn 100 page pdf about, you know, performance art.

Which pretty much went from Jackson Pollock to Yves Klein to John Cage to John Baldessari to Yoko Ono, you know, performance artists!!!

In my photo class today, all we did was. Talk about. Performance art? We started with Yves Klein discussing the difference between artists using photography to photography as art which makes sense but then we literally discussed the entirety of the pdf I read for my other class like the damn class lesson was based on that pdf.

The reason why I am so MAD is because that’s what my art history class is going to be tomorrow…talking about…that pdf I read. But all I did today was talk about…the pdf that…I read…for the other class…………..

We weren’t even talking about it in terms of documentation or photography it was just a performance art history lesson……………..

So I’m gonna spend a damn eight hours talking about that pdf within two days……………………..why couldn’t we talk about……the photos………..that we read about for homework…………

Why didn’t we go over the homework……………..that I did………

September 9th
2:27 PM

my friend kaga

2:25 PM
"how’s your term so far?"
"great i read pdf’s in bed all day"

"how’s your term so far?"

"great i read pdf’s in bed all day"

12:29 AM
so not tense

so not tense

September 4th
10:13 PM


yo so the preview for my new short “Jen and Gen” is on Youtube now! Still coming (end of) Fall 2014.

Please reblog or share this with your buds too! I want as many people to get pumped as possible!

shoutout to Floetic~

my friend he did this

August 28th
2:56 PM

The chart going around that compares where we donate vs. what diseases kill the most people is kinda fricked up. Well not the chart itself but the people saying omg you should do some research before donating lol haha omg!

And by that I mean rarer diseases get a lot less money for funding because they affect less people and also are harder to find cures for so yes they also need money????

Especially because the number one killer on it is heart disease.

You can do a lot on your own to prevent some kinds of heart disease. And then there’s the sudden ones like cardiac arrest that kill without warning so you can’t really do much there. But if you’re born with rare genetic disorders that are passed down you’re fucked and screwed. A pill and healthy diet ain’t gonna fix that so yES they need money for research to find ways to cure it/deal with it.

I guess in the end donate to whatever the hell you want or things that affect you/your family/whatever hits home.

1:35 PM

okay what the frick fuck the mailroom doesn’t do slips anymore you have to sign a damn ipad also amazon sent me a nine inch lampshade in a huge ass box inside another huge box and the lampshade was broken frick me

12:32 PM

Hello admissions

I don’t think I can add photos in an ask

Please fix this

Kagan and Michael are both nice boys but they are different boys

It has been driving me bananas

xoxo Carolyn

August 27th
1:42 PM

Hanging out with Lil Bulby aka Daniel

1:35 PM
Welcome back from pre-o, Kouré
(Noyes has the best theme good job Sylvia and Squilliam) !

Welcome back from pre-o, Kouré
(Noyes has the best theme good job Sylvia and Squilliam) !

2:50 AM
i like that I have a special tag